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Evap Line VS Faint Positive (Knowing The Difference)

(Evap Line VS Faint Positive) Do you see a second line on your pregnancy test? Don’t get your hopes up yet. Many people have been confused by evaporation lines. If you are looking at a very faint line, there is a possibility you are pregnant or it is just an evap line.  Evaporation lines may appear, and fortunately, they can be avoided. 

Imagine going through fertility treatments, and finally seeing a faint line after two years of trying to conceive only to find out later it was just an evaporation line on a frer. That is what happened to me!

I will answer the following questions.

  • What are evaporation lines?
  • How do evaporation lines look like?
  • How often do evaporation lines occur?
  • What are faint positives?
  • Should I worry about a faint positive pregnancy test?
  • What if I keep getting faint positive pregnancy tests, but I know I am not pregnant?
  • How to take a pregnancy test appropriately?
  • How to differentiate between evap lines and faint positive pregnancy tests?

What are evaporation lines?

Evaporation lines are faint lines that appear on pregnancy tests after the urine placed on the pregnancy test dries up and they appear exactly where a positive line would be. This occurs when a chemical reaction takes place in the mother’s urine.

How do evaporation lines look like? What color are evap lines?

You probably already looked up photos of evaporation lines; however, you probably thought it looks exactly like a positive pregnancy test. Surprisingly, they are actually different. Usually, evap lines are colorless lines or streaks (grayish) and a bit thinner than positive lines. Look closer you may be able to figure it out.

Tip: Avoid blue-dyed pregnancy tests; they may give evap lines a blue color. That is why you see many women google “evap line vs faint positive blue dye”. Blue dyes are known to give false positives. If you do take one, try again later and see if it gets darker. 

How often do evaporation lines occur?

Evaporation lines don’t happen all the time. As mentioned previously, evaporation lines are a result of some kind of reaction in the woman’s urine. Some women may see this line a lot while others never. That is because everyone’s urine is unique and composed differently.

What are faint positives?

Faint positives are faint lines that appear on the pregnancy test because of the low amount of HCG present in the urine, but they do indicate that you are pregnant. They have color and are equal in size to the control line.

Sometimes you may get a faint positive because

  • You tested too early.
  • You may have ovulated later than you thought
  • A sign of a chemical pregnancy 
  • The start of a miscarriage – Read this article to help with miscarriage anxiety.
  • The pregnancy test is not sensitive.
  • Your urine is too diluted.

Usually, faint positives are seen within 5 minutes of taking the pregnancy test. However, if you do see a faint positive after 5 minutes you still may be pregnant because low amounts of HCG may take time to appear on pregnancy tests. 

If you choose to test early, make sure you buy a pregnancy test that can detect very low amounts of HCG or you may get a false negative. One of the best pregnancy tests for detecting low HCG is the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. It was able to detect HCG as low as 6.5 MIU/ML. If you would like to read more about the best pregnancy tests, click here.

Should I worry about a faint positive pregnancy test?

No, you definitely should not worry. You can have a normal pregnancy even if your HCG levels are low. The important thing is that it increases. So, you can take another pregnancy test in 48 hours and see if it gets darker. If it stays faint, there is a possibility of a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy. 

*** I am not a doctor. Inform your doctor about faint positive pregnancy tests. 

What if I keep getting a faint positive pregnancy test but I am sure I am not pregnant?

Getting a false positive does occur. It could be for the following reasons:

  • Fertility Medication (Trigger Shot)
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Molar Pregnancy: An abnormal pregnancy that causes a tumor to grow.
  • Epithelial Cancer Cells and Other Health Problems (Ovarian Cysts)
  • Was recently pregnant, had a miscarriage, an abortion, or a chemical pregnancy, and have leftover HCG.

How to take a pregnancy test appropriately?

  • Choose a sensitive pregnancy test. 
  • Read the instructions on the pregnancy test. Each pregnancy test has its own instructions. 
  • Wait until your miss your period.
  • Use a cup to collect urine.
  • Place the pregnancy test in the cute without letting the urine touch the test line. Leave it in for as many seconds as the pregnancy test says. 
  • Take it out and use a clock to wait. 
  • Don’t read the pregnancy test beyond 5 minutes. Use another pregnancy test when in doubt. 

How to differentiate between evap lines and positive pregnancy tests? (Evap Line VS Faint Positive)

Telling the difference between evap lines and faint positive can be quite difficult. However, this difficulty can be solved by understanding the difference between them.

Evap Lines

  • Appear after the time limit of reading the results of the pregnancy test (usually after 5 minutes).
  • Usually don’t have any color (sometimes they do) and are very faint.
  • It can disappear after a few hours.

Faint Positives

  • Appear within the time limit of readability (usually within 5 minutes).
  • Have dye color (usually pink or blue color).
  • The faint line shows on more than one pregnancy test.
  • A digital pregnancy test says your pregnant. 
  • It will not disappear after a few hours.

evap line vs faint positive

How can you avoid evaporation lines?

  • Read the pregnancy test within 5 minutes.  Read the instructions on the pregnancy test because sometimes pregnancy test results must be read after two minutes.
  • Take another test if confused about whether the line is positive or an evap line. If the same faint line shows on the second pregnancy test, it is most likely a faint positive.
  • Wait until you miss your period by one week.
  • Make sure your urine is concentrated (urine should be dark). Morning urine works best. 
  • Take a digital pregnancy test. it would be much simpler. 
  • Make sure not to wet the test line. Disregard the pregnancy test if you do. 
  • Use a very sensitive pregnancy test. 
  • Buy a group of pregnancy tests from Amazon. I recommend Accumed pregnancy tests because you can take more than one at a time for a very low price and see if they all have a faint line or only one or a few..

If you would like more information, I recommend reading Mama’s Natural “What Does an Evaporation Line on a Pregnancy Test Mean“.

Also, I am very good at differentiating between evaps and postives, so leave a picture of your pregnancy test below, and I will tell you what I think!


  1. Amber Myers says:

    I had a faint positive with my daughter. But the next day it was very clear.

  2. So interesting, I didn’t know evap line could happen!

    1. This is really interesting. I didn’t know there was a difference!

  3. I’ve never heard of this before! Great info to share.

  4. Thanks for the info, sure it’s interesting for the ones wanting a baby.

  5. I remember seeing one of these in my tests and I wanted to cry. It’s not always easy to find the truth. We did a blood test after.

  6. This can be so confusing. It is good to know how to read the test so there is no confusion!

  7. Amanda says:

    Such great information! I have gotten many evap lines on my tests thinking it was positive when it really wasn’t!

  8. I’m in some infertility groups on FB and as the women in there are going through treatment they post lots of pics of tests asking others bc they are confused. I’ll share this with them next time I see it!

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