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How To Increase Your Milk Supply Quickly

If you are reading this, then I am assuming you need a boost in your milk supply. Understanding your body and how it works is the first step you need to take to increase it. I personally had problems with my milk supply. I went to many lactation consultants, took many types of supplements, and drank water like crazy but nothing seemed to work. After days of crying and frustration, I found out how to increase your milk supply quickly. Pumping was the answer. It is a guaranteed way to increase your milk supply.

Understanding How Your Body Works

how to increase your milk supply

Your body starts to produce a thick very beneficial substance called colostrum before your baby is born. Your breasts start to produce milk usually three days after your baby is born. But, it produces it slowly and your baby may have a problem with that. The more your baby sucks, the more your breasts are signaled to make more milk. But, sometimes babies don’t suck enough to increase your milk supply because they may have gotten full quickly, fallen asleep, or not been able to latch properly. This all affects your milk supply. If your baby goes through a growth spurt and wants more milk your body would not have it and it will need some time to produce it. That is when your baby begins to cluster feed. That means your baby will be on and off your breasts many times (not every three hours) so it could signal your body to make more.

What Do I Need To Do To Increase My Milk Supply?

In simple terms, the more you empty your breasts, the more milk you will produce. But, breastfeeding may not empty your breasts; so, your milk may not increase or will take a long time to do so. So, what you need to do is to make sure at each feeding (approximately every three hours) is to empty your breasts completely. The only way to guarantee this is to pump. There are tricks to the pump that can help signal your body you need more milk right now. When I used these tricks, I personally saw a change in the next feeding (meaning I had an increase within three hours).

How Should I Use The Pump To Increase My Milk Supply?

There are three ways to do so.

  1. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, you should pump right after you are done breastfeeding until no milk is coming down anymore and wait 5 minutes before ending the pumping session. Click here to read my other post “The Ultimate Guide To Breastfeeding“, if you would like to know more about breastfeeding.
  2. If you want to exclusively pump, pump every three hours until no milk is coming down and wait another five minutes before ending the pumping session.
  3. Power pump. Pump for 20 minutes and take a break for ten minutes. Then pump for ten minutes and take another break for 10 minutes. Do this for one hr. This will trick your body into thinking that your baby is cluster feeding.

Tricks and Tips

  • If pumping hurts for you, make sure the size of the phalanges suits your body.
  • Start with the lowest suction power then increase gradually every time. This way you won’t hurt your nipples.
  • If your milk supply does not increase with pumping, make sure you are drinking enough water. You should drink 8–10 cups daily.
  • Make sure to buy a good pump and buy extra pieces with it in case they break.

I recommend reading this if you think fenugreek is a better option.

how to increase your milk supply


  1. How I wish I knew all of this a few years back! It was a real struggle!

  2. Oh those days of trying to increase milk supply seems so long ago. Out of everything, I enjoyed the cookies the best. Lol

  3. I think staying hydrated and drinking water is the most important thing you can do! It helped my supply stay up and me feeling good!

  4. I had good luck using fennel as well. I also made sure I stayed hydrated and ate nutrient rich foods.

  5. Jamiee says:

    Oh wow this is SO helpful, thank you!

  6. I needed this article when I was breastfeeding before lol

  7. I pumped milk after nursing from day 1 and it certainly helped increase my milk supply. It came in handy too because I was able to build a stash and was able to feed my daughter when I was hospitalized 3 weeks pp.

  8. Kimmy says:

    Great read and some great tips

  9. So helpful! Breastfeeding is certainly a process.

  10. These are great tips for women who are struggling with a small milk supply.

  11. These are great tips and so helpful for moms who are nursing.

  12. i recall using a couple of these strategies along with home remedies from my mom and mom-in-law when i was breastfeeding years ago..
    great tips

  13. This is very timely. My sister has been telling me about her problem of low milk supply. Thank you for sharing this. I shared this post with her as well.

  14. I always hated pumping. My last baby is now 1 and I exclusively breastfed for so long because I could with covid (not leaving the house) and not wanting to pump. But it can be so necessary to help keep production up.

  15. Very informative post! I’ll be passing this along to friends that are struggling!

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